Dream Journal

June 6th, 2023

I was in a classroom and we were there together to compete in an MSX game. The game had a sort of jungle theme where you're constantly running, somewhat like Penguin Adventure on the system. I think it was supposed to be educational? You're supposed to collect points. In the background, the intro music from Super Mario World 2 was playing, except instead of the tingy xylophone sound, it was the MSX's PSG chip. I remember that only me and my teacher competed, and I won. However, the high score board didn't reflect this. I also dreamt that I was playing with a bullet at my grandmother's house. It was a 7.62x39mm meant for an AK47 or something. I screwed the top off and thought that'd make it go off. It did not.

June 17th, 2023

Last night, I had a dream where I was with my friend at the library of a mathematician. He had an accent, was perhaps East Asian of some kind. He had many kinds of books, including some that I saw on linear algebra. However, when I opened the book, it looked far from your average mathematics textbook. It was wordy, with black and white illustrations reminiscent of those in old children's literature. Roald Dahl comes to mind. I was eventually given a book on elementary algebra. I was like "Don't college algebra books touch on both the elementary and the advanced?" but he just gave me the book and told me it was a gift. Then, suddenly, I'm elsewhere. I believe it was a Texas Roadhouse, and I was sitting with my mom and a woman. The woman was a cryptographer who was working on deciphering that one giant monument in Virginia. She told us she actually got her start working on deciphering Nazi messages, I suppose the Enigma code. She wanted to show us how soldiers were given soap without being intercepted by the Nazis. She had a package on her, which on the outside looked like a scroll (and it was), but on the inside had a bunch of pellets that were supposed to be soap. I don't know why that would happen, it's quite counterintuitive, but dream logic is dream logic and I can't complain.

July 30th, 2023

I was at Magic Planet, the Chuck E Cheese's style arcade at the City Centre mall here in Dubai. I was perusing around, I believe my cousin was there (last time I did go there was with my cousin and sister). I played one of the games, There were a few weird games over there... like more than one that had titles in the vein of "Old Lesbian Lady" or something weird like that. I wanted to talk to someone who worked there about them since, you know, I don't like the idea of kids watching porn... I saw some girl and asked her if she worked there. I don't know why I spoke to her in particular. On my second stare, I noticed she was in cosplay, playing Sakura from Naruto. So then we sat down and started talking about anime. She mentioned liking Death Note. Somehow, after a while, out of the blue, she somehow stopped being in cosplay. She was cute. She was brown, had the Arab girl look, with short hair. She told me I looked like a certain anime character. I don't remember who it was whatsoever. I replied by saying she looked like Casca from Berserk. I was a bit blunt about it, but it was in good humor. I said something like "Look at cho Casca lookin ass" or something. There were a few more dreams. One involved me outside some strip mall surrounded by Pakistanis and I find a toy gun on the floor meant to be a Beretta 92 and just started firing it indiscriminately. I don't remember any of the others enough to speak about them at length.

September 21st, 2023

I had a dream I was at a weird convention. I don't remember much of it, except for the fact there was a juice bar. I remember walking into a retro video game store. At first I couldn't see anything made before the 2000s, until my eyes fell on a boxed Super Famicom game; I don't recall what it was called, but it started with the letter S. Silpheed maybe? But that game didn't come out on the SFC, but eh, dream logic is dream logic. There were a few anime figurines, one being Pico from Boku no Pico. I don't recall much else of it. On the far back end of the store was another juice bar, one that was near identical to the one in the convention, only difference being they also sold weed. I remember somehow being in an elevator with my mom going down, the elevator shaking, the lights turning out and eventually falling and lying there diagonally, trapping us in there. We eventually got out. I don't know how either.