Welcome to Blauheim's realm!

There isn't much here (yet), but more is coming (including some actual CSS!). This is a site I dedicate to my interests, like retro-gaming, anime, linguistics, and metal.

You can access the rest of the site here:

Anyway, here goes the NSFAQ (Not-So Frequently Asked Questions)!

Where's the Mamiya Mansion?

You're on it! Undergoing rebranding and a new CSS.

And what's the reason for the change?

I didn't want people to mistake this site for a Sweet Home (the 1989 Capcom game) fansite.

What is the purpose of this site?

To have my own little corner of the Internet wherein I can express myself.

Who the heck even are you?

I'm Omar, but I go by Blauheim. I'm an Arab teenager. I run this site. What more do you need to know, you DATAMINER?!

Where can I contact you?

My twitter is @BlueUnmaker, and it can be found here. My email is weirdgarf@protonmail.com, my Youtube channel is here, and my Vidlii account is Garfieldvikernes.